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          How to buy power cord

          Release date:2014-10-09 16:31:03

          Our daily life has long been no electricity, and let us be able to use a variety of electrical appliances, electronic products, the prerequisite is the power cord. Each family needs a lot of power lines to build a current network that supplies energy to all appliances. If there is no power cord, our daily life will be a mess. It is also because of its importance, so in the purchase time, we must pay attention to the standard.

          So, what should the power cord should follow? First, formal. As far as possible in the regular shopping malls to buy, and select the product must have a national electrical certification mark and trademark, specifications and other voltage. Second, the packaging. Roller packaging can reduce the wear of the insulation, and packaging should have a complete certificate. Finally, the weight. Good quality of the power box weight are within the specified range, in general, the cross-sectional area of ??1.5mm2 single-strand copper wire, 100 meters in weight between 1.8kg to 1.9kg.

          In addition to these standards, in the purchase of power lines, you can intercept an insulation layer to see if the core is located in the middle of the insulation layer, the core of the power cord will lead to weak to avoid easy to be punctured.
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