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          Just six strokes, teach you to identify the safety socket

          Release date:2017-09-26 14:36:40

          Socket in our lives indispensable, but due to fake and shoddy switch socket, open leakage of leakage and other electrical accidents caused by increasing year by year, when using the socket, you also encountered plug socket feels hot, plug too loose or Too tight, switch off the return is not smooth, and sometimes even when the plug can see the spark? Do not think that these are small problems, due to the use of low-quality socket and the safety accidents caused by common. Appliance experts suggest that to choose the excellent quality of the switch socket, a few couples can easily identify the merits of the product.

          Most of the people in the purchase of switch socket at a loss, as well as the market a variety of advantages and disadvantages of the socket socket quite a mixed case, Xiao Bian will be the eye of the fire to teach the secret to teach you so that we can safe and reliable high-quality outlet to take home. In short, the socket selection of "six", a look at the logo, two look at the appearance, three look at the design, four to see insulating materials, five to see conductive parts timber, smell six smell.

          1, see logo

          When purchasing, please pay attention to the identification of the switch socket on the base: rated current size, trademarks and other signs, observe the product box on whether there is a clear address of the manufacturer's phone, packaging, whether there is a manual and certificate. Reminder: the general switch rated current is 10A, when the use of some high-power electrical appliances should try to choose the rated current switch (such as the rated current of 16A), in order to avoid switching power is instantaneous large current burned.

          2, look at the appearance and feel of the switch socket

          The appearance should be smooth and smooth, uniform color, have a certain hardness and weight. You can try to gently push the switch when the purchase, high-quality products feel crisp and smooth, and poor product switch feel very soft or obvious resistance astringent sense, and even frequent switch card in the middle of the phenomenon.

          3, look at the design

          Into the scientific and technological content of the design, use more secure and assured, and in the details of the human handling. Such as wingside licensing socket, with super triple mine technology, modular lightning protection components, a comprehensive block lightning hazards, to ensure electrical safety worries!

          4, insulation materials

          Insulation material is very important for the safety performance of switch sockets. From the appearance point of view, good material without bubbles, hard texture, it is difficult to scratch, after the formation of tight structure, the heavier weight, the market some poor quality product materials used PC back to the material processing, high impurity content, heat resistance Good, and even worse, with a mixture or ABS instead of PC material. Products not only impact resistance, poor heat resistance, the appearance looks very rough, easy to change color.

          5, see the internal conductive parts timber

          As part of the switch socket components installed in the wall, the copper is easy to damp rust, rust after the resistance becomes larger, easy to work fever, if the heat accumulation of stool will lead to fire hazards. Yide switch socket with excellent conductive properties of tin phosphor bronze material, and after the surface of the fine nickel plating process, anti-oxidation to prevent copper rust, less heat and more conductive performance, life can reach more than 80,000 times.

          6, smell the smell of the product

          High-grade switch socket cover and frame with high-quality imported PC material, non-toxic, and no obvious smell, the back seat with imported odorless PA66 nylon material, the product no obvious plastic smell. Low-voltage switch socket products use materials more use, ABS, nylon, PVC and other recycling mixed miscellaneous materials, not only a clear smell of plastic, and easy to change color yellow.

          Master the above six points, everyone can practice a pair of eyes, identify the switch socket is no longer difficult. At the same time, but also to remind consumers in the switch socket to buy when not easy to seek cheap, safe and durable switch socket is the core of choice.

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